Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Malaysian Bloggers

Hello again,

This week, we are 'surprised' by the court procedures initiated against bloggers in this beautiful country. Many thought that this action will deteriorate the already poor level of freedom of expression in Malaysia.

Being new to blogging, am not sure where are we standing at this juncture. This action may be an ideal of a developing country like Malaysia, where alternative opinions are rarely taken in a good taste; or a sign that our country is at par with developed nations where "see you in court" is the best way to settle disputes as well as claim for damages. Nevertheless, as the Malay saying goes, "Kalau tak ada angin bertiup, masakan pokok bergoyang" is believed to apply in those cases. If not the wind, may be many monkeys are found there, doing there chores on the trees. The more the monkeys swing between branches, the trees will be swaying further.
Back to to the blogs, who really read them and what kind of hit are they concern about? Well, may be the stack are huge that the fellas involved couldn't just ignore the issues.

As the PM said latter, the bloggers must be responsible on whatever is written. Agree 100 percent. After all, anyone must show restraint when comenting on sensitive issues, practicing self censureship and taking into account the sensitivity of the various cultures around them. However, the readers must also be responsible for their own perception and responses toward any issue found on the blogs or the net in general. I guess, rationalisation of things will keep a better society rather than getting emotional over any issues that hits. That shall be the nature maturing nation and populace. Well, dah 50 tahun merdeka da... albeit, the borneon states baru je 44.

By the way, we went picnic at a stream near Samarahan months ago. We caught some small fish (may be seluang type) and cooked them in this manner. Habis jugak la ikan tu. See the fella getting 'tougher' over the years for consuming such fishes from polluted waters.

Dengar khabar, ada mangsa rogol dibunuh dan dicampak kat sungai tu baru-baru ini. Entah apa hal, kita selalu takut benda cam tu huh.. So kitorang pun pindah tempat picnic ke sungai lain. Ada jala dan pukat kecil (beli kat Batu 7, sebelah pasar Dayak) boleh dapat ikan kecik kat semua sungai ni.

Keep a healthy lifestyle. Berkelah dekat-dekat kampung Bidayuh dan majukan ekonomi mereka dengan membeli hasil tanaman diorang. Pasti sihat. Tak payah nak tunggu ke Bali, Bangkok etc. Kalau Tony Fernandez bagi tiket free, pergilah. h h

Bye for now.

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