Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bus Service in Kuching


Kuching being the capital city of Sarawak never have the best of bus service. Far cry from Miri City which had transformed this mode of transport since early 1990s. This is almost a decade in the new millenium, the Kuching buses are noise polluters, air polluters and 'bone-shakers' as the local press penned them.


At one time, the CVLB mentioned that the service in Kuching couldn't utilize the same mode as those in Miri because the road conditions here are not as good! How come? Where goes all the road maintenance that was privatised which is supposed to be better than the works of PWD? Caption: Last year a friend from Sabah came to attend his daughter's convo at the local university. During dinner we talk about their drive around town and he quipped "Saya kasi tau sama ini "daughter's name" kan; kita ini driving Kancil bah.. di Kuching ni kan.. Kancil ni butul-butul melumpat-lumpat kan...". We've been driving in Sabah a couple of times (thanks to Brunei highway that connects Miri to Sipitang), we know they have better roads.

Well, back to the buses; still after many years residing in Kuching, I hardly use the service. The condition never improve over the years. What investment is switching to smaller versions and frequent service like the Miri case. The operators there also invested and make losses in the transition period, but now their performance is a testimony of efficient public transport and supported by many. How I wish to tumpang the bus to down town from my kampung house at the city skirt but am not sure whether I will be forced to take a taxi for the return trip. Troublesome; routes not proper, poor bus condition, schedules question. I pity the kampung fellas waiting at the stop in front of my house when the bus didn't arrive on time, they may have to face their bosses for being late or worst, did not reached their destination if the bus break down.


We are busy building here and there. I couldn't afford any of them though. But there is no proper roads to cater for these areas. No wonder the buses can't go there. Nanti itu bus melumpat-lumpat pulak. heh

Semoga CVLB dapat mengatur masalah ini dengan penuh gaya dan gah (mana konsortiumnya..) untuk memantapkan imej Kuching dan Sarawak yang tercinta.

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