Monday, July 12, 2010

Many First Time Happenings

Dear All,

A first time experience is always genuine, exhilarating, may be devastating but that 'first time' will be remembered well in our life's span. We could quotes many first times here, but being an ardent sports fan (of all kind) there are a few first times happenings this week alone..

Golf - Eduardo Molinari won for the first time in Europe at the Scotish Open at Loch Lomond.. Paula Creamer, one of my favourites LPGA member, won the US Women's Open, her first major, at the Oakmont Course, the same place where Angel Cabrera won the
US Open last year. On a personal note, I too played at Kelab Golf Miri for DPTS Alfred Jabu Challenge trophy under the Dayak Golf Association's umbrella for the first time over the weekend. Lost badly though to fellow Dayak golfers..

F1 - Mark Webber won the Silverstone for the first time being a 'no.2 driver' as he mentioned sarcastically over the radio, also a first time such a jibe was made at their own team.

World Cup - The Spanish Armada won the title for the first time at the Soccer City last night and got the honour to place a star over their logo..waka waka, South Africa 2010 a world cup that will be partly remembered as a first time 'vuvuzela' being widely used..It is also the first time the top scorer with 5 goals, Thomas Muller of German, been chosen from a 5-way tie based on goals scored, assists and time of play..

Sports being so global now enable us to follow many games at a time and technology has brought these games to our living rooms within seconds..

Away from the global sporting world, there is a coming first time happenings at a tiny village in the 'heart of borneo' this month as well. The little village of Long Banga is due for a visit by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB DS Najib Tun Razak. This is a first time of a kind where the PM will be with one of the smallest indigenous community of Saban people, one of the remotest village in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia and so forth..

For the ordinary rural community living in the vicinity of the village, be they are of Saban, Kelabit, Kenyah, Penan and other ethnicity, this kind of visit is the best gesture form a person they highly regarded.. Surely, the experience of having the PM at our village will be remembered in our life's span. It will be engraved in the history of the tiny outpost village that host a community of less than 600 peoples.. Grateful will they be and they would not mind the hectic preparation that comes with it.. Being part of this remote community, we can gratefully proclaimed that it is a first time Long Banga been visited by the highest government office of the country.. and we could humbly plant a star sign at the site of the village on the map of Malaysia. So excited they are about this first time, they are praying hard for a safe journey, good weather and joyous moment for this occasion.

Officials reading this entry, who are going on this trip for the first time, please be assured of your well being and acceptance at the village..

Viva Espana..del Bosque the man...

Best wishes