Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The heli crash, the boy's death and Tiger & Federer won again

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It’s a week of misfortune for Bintulu. After the death of the boy allegedly as a result of assault by fellow boarding students, it is the heli crash at the vicinity of D-35 offshore platform. Just now, I called my brotherto check whether he was offshore and he is not. He is an employee of the contractor that supplies manpower to the same platform and the missing fella is their colleague and believed to be trapped in the submerged Super Puma. Thank God for those guys who survived and that shows the reality of the compulsary survival course.

Noting the death of the student in Bintulu, it is tragic, of course. I agree that the students involved are big enough to understand their responsibilities towards the death. I was once a boarding student in the 80s, and did involved in such fights in the hostel for petty matters but had never been assaulted by many vice versa. The condition may be like “gotong-royong pukul satu budak untuk dapat sesuatu” whereas the boy might be beaten by many at the particular point of time till he went unconscious and died. No one knows for sure until the police conclude their job. However, this is a true result of our changing schooling system. From the point where teachers were really respected and remembered for their disciplining regimes, to where we are now, so liberal and even to the point where parents or relatives come to school and threaten teachers with legal action over petty student cases. I think we are thankful for our discipline teachers that worked so hard to keep us at our world of school. Kalau tidak, jangan mimpi nak main komputer sekarang.

Well, at the international sporting scenes, Tiger Woods won the Buick again last weekend as well as Federer at the Aussie Open. My family followed most of the Aussie matches, thanks to the time zone. The final games of both men and women were anti-climax, I guess, due to the intensities of the games at quarters and semis. We are retired tennis players whom never make it even to represent school clubs, but understand that the game those guys are in is very hard and physically demanding. That is a pure example of will and precise skills. They can make those shots! Those are not fluke but results of years of endeavour on the circuits.

By the way, Tiger is one kind of golf monster due to his perfectionist and winning attitude. I took up this game few years back, not an easy game as well. The PGA guys are pretty admirable on how they handle the year long seasons with almost weekly competition. Imagine hitting thousands of ball per day at the range even immediately after tournaments! That is how their determination works to achieve those desired shots. I tried once to complete 8 trays per session, I got stiffed back latter. It is not an easy thing to hit thousand ball per training day, but they managed.

All those attitude and kind of determination works for our own things we are doing right there, to be better at it.

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