Monday, February 4, 2008

Tragedy in Bintulu, Again and Tiger Won, Again, but Federer Outclassed by Serbian Djokovic


At this point of time last year, i wrote on the helicopter crash in Bintulu. This time it is the two schoolboys from my old school (Tg. Lobang College, Miri) swept by undercurrent at the Similajau National Park while swimming at the beach.

At the same time it is Tiger Woods phenomenon again at Dubai. Leading the first day, losing it two days latter and only to frustrate the other guys, especially Ernie Els, with a stunning comeback final day. Imagine the 'big easy' had a 4 strokes advantage at the eve of the final round and Tiger cancelled that by chipping in, and made huge, long putts. No wonder his name is tiger.

But the same does not carry in tennis world as Federer was ousted at the semis of Aus Open by eventual champion Djokovic, the first Serb to win a grand slam. At the same Aus Open, the Serbians couldn't celebrate a champion in the women section as pretty girl Ana Ivanovic is outclassed by in-form Sharapova. It's had been a couple of years running, my family is stuck to the tv watching the Aus Open, tnahks to the time zone we had with Aus. Good to note here that the game provided us entertainment as well as source of inspiration. At the semifinal level, we had seen some best tennis for years in clashes like Djokovic vs Federer, Tsonga vs Nadal, Ivanovic vs Hantuchova and Sharapova vs Jankovic, another serb pin-up girl.

Golf and tennis, these games had been a test of grit and determination. Some losing guys are not losers. They stayed there for another battle in the next tourney. They are really good. Same applies to our will and determination. Not to fail but continue to improve on what we are already good at.


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